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The Center plans, implements, and disseminates its projects in partnership with employers, labor unions, and other stakeholders involved in worksite health and worker wellness. Representatives of the Center’s research sites serve as co-investigators in the Center’s research and contribute to defining the research questions, planning the research methods, implementing the research in their own institutions, and interpreting and publishing the findings.

Harvard School of Public Health Education and Research Center (ERC)

The Education and Research Center gives occupational safety and health professionals the opportunity to develop public health perspectives, a sensitivity about political climates, and the skills and knowledge needed to identify and prevent occupational impairments, disease, and injuries through control or elimination of harmful occupational exposures.


HealthPartners is a non-profit health and wellness vendor partnering with the Center to explore innovative ways to adapt and disseminate integrated approaches to worker health to small- to medium-sized businesses.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

The Center worked with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) while developing the SafeWell Guidelines for implementing a comprehensive worker health program, and plans to expand the partnership to include co-sponsorship of educational and training opportunities for the professional community, joint participation in the MDPH Hospital Ergonomics Task Force, and involving Center students and trainees in MDPH research initiatives.

Partners HealthCare

Partnering with the Center on the Examining Pathways, Partners HealthCare has provided access to employee record databases in order to allow linkage of individual worker and unit-level data with survey data, creating a unique opportunity to examine absenteeism, reported injuries, worker compensation claims and costs, and turnover and retention. Study findings through this partnership are shedding new light on the complex relationships between work environment and worker health outcomes.

Work, Family & Health Network

Founded by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control in 2005, the Work, Family & Health Network provides scientific evidence about how changes in the work environment can improve the health of workers and their families while benefiting organizations. The Harvard center of the Network has been involved with how work organization impacts the physical health and well-being of low wage workers.