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Examining Pathways: Assessing the health impact of a hospital work organization with a longitudinal database

Healthcare workers, the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. labor force, may be at risk of poor health due to working conditions, which could affect not only workers and their families, but also their employers and their patients. Thus, protecting and promoting the safety and health of healthcare workers is both an occupational health priority and a public health imperative.

PI: Erika Sabbath, ScD

Examining Pathways is a partnership between the Center for Work, Health, & Well-being and Partners HealthCare, the largest private employer in Massachusetts, to articulate pathways between work organizations and adverse outcomes for hospital workers, their patients, and their employers, using an extensive longitudinal database.

The project’s specific aims are to:

  • Enhance our existing database, enabling hypothesis testing about longitudinal associations between hospital work organizations and workers, workplace, and patient outcomes
  • Identify the longitudinal impact of healthcare work organizations on outcomes important to worker health and safety, the healthcare enterprise, and patient safety
  • Disseminate our research findings and methods for building and maintaining the database