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Navigating change in the time of COVID-19: An interactive toolbox talk to determine what’s working and what’s not

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Based on our current ARM (“All the Right Moves”) for Subcontractors research project in construction, we have developed a new toolbox talk for companies seeking to fit new COVID-19 infection control measures into their organizations. 

Download the PDF file containing the how-to guide, step-by-step script, and a debrief form. 

This interactive talk engages workers through a discussion-based approach – unlike most toolbox talks that usually simply disseminate information to workers. As a result of this approach, a company is better able to learn from the frontline workers about challenges to their well-being and their ability to stay safe during this time. Based on this new knowledge, companies can then take action to help frontline workers perform better. 

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