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New “National Occupational Research Agenda for Healthy Work Design and Well-being” released for comment

The Agenda for Healthy Work Design and Well-being, developed by the NORA Healthy Work Design and Well-Being (HWD) Cross-Sector Council, has been released for comment.

The Agenda is intended to guide research priorities related to improving the design and conditions of work to advance the safety, health, and well-being for the nation. Identifying the most urgent research gaps and preventable risk factors, given new information regarding injuries and illnesses in the workplace and the state of the science, this agenda is a call-to-action for all, not solely NIOSH, but for researchers, safety, health and human resources practitioners, and employers across the country.

For those who wish to provide support or specific recommendations to improve the agenda, NIOSH is accepting comments on the document until Monday, May 13, 2019.