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Ergonomics and Human Factors: Strategic Solutions for Workplace Safety and Health Human Factors and Ergonomics Program Overview

October 7-11, 2013
Boston, MA

Participants in this course will gain the tools necessary to create effective, comprehensive, and strategic solutions to workplace ergonomic issues. With its focus on tools, Ergonomics and Human Factors will help participants initiate and improve their organizations’ ergonomics programs.

Workshops, case studies, and team exercises offer the opportunity to learn and apply skills in a multidisciplinary, team-oriented environment.

This program provides a unique perspective on ergonomics and human factors in industry, ranging from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) of the low back and manual materials handling to human error and organizational factors. Participants will learn to analyze and control risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, integrate employees with MSDs into the workplace, and learn to design occupational ergonomics programs for their benefit, and hear the latest research for these solutions.

Alumni of this program, including ergonomists, industrial hygienists, and safety engineers, have found that the broad curriculum provides a unique opportunity to explore a comprehensive approach to workplace safety and health.