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Intervening for Work Stress: Work-life Stress and Total Worker Health Approaches webinar

August 19, 2014
12:00pm – 1:30pm Eastern

In this next installment of the NIOSH Total Worker Health Webinar Series, Daniel Ganster, PhD, Professor and Senior Associate Dean, College of Business, Colorado State University and Leslie Hammer, PhD, Professor, Portland State University; Associate Director of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center will discuss the process of psychosocial stress at work and intervention approaches for alleviating it.

Dan will begin with a brief introduction to the psychosocial stress and well-being literature, focusing on key definitions and working conditions implicated in worker mental and physical health. He will then discuss practical intervention approaches that focus on removing or reducing stressors in the workplace. Using several examples of intervention studies, he will discuss key elements to incorporate when designing workplace interventions. He will also outline simple approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of such interventions.

Leslie Hammer will discuss more specifically the concept of work-life stress and its association with health, safety, well-being, and organizational outcomes. She will briefly review how comprehensive integrated solutions at both the occupational (health protection) and individual (health promotion) levels may be helpful in mitigating effects of work-life stress and improving health, consistent with the Total Worker Health approach. This presentation will review relationships between work-life stress and health to advance understanding of pathways between occupational and individual risk factors and health and safety outcomes.

This webinar is intended for:
• Industrial hygienists and occupational safety and health professionals
• Health promotion and health education professionals
• Employers, risk management, and human resources professionals
• Doctors and other medical and nursing professionals
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