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NIOSH Total Worker Health Webinar Series: Integrated Safety and Health for Small Businesses

This third presentation of the NIOSH Total Worker Health Webinar Series brings the latest in research from one of the NIOSH-funded Centers of Excellence to Promote a Healthier Workforce, as well as the practice-based insights from a NIOSH Total Worker Health Affiliate that is currently conducting hands-on safety and health work with small- to medium-sized businesses.

Following opening remarks, Dr. James Merchant will discuss key findings from Iowa on the relationship between individuals' quality of life and health in relation to their employment status, as well as the broader implications of putting in place a Total Worker Health approach for these various employment groups.

Dr. Lee Newman will then talk specifically about Total Worker Health interventions for small businesses, drawing on his experience both working with small-to-medium-sized companies in Colorado and as a small business owner himself. He will discuss barriers to implementation but will also offer concrete strategies for effectively overcoming these challenges.

Target audiences:
• Industrial hygienists and occupational safety and health professionals
• Health promotion and health education professionals
• Employers, risk management, and human resources professionals
• Doctors and other medical and nursing professionals

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