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Work, Health, and Well-Being: Integrating Wellness and Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace

Corporate health, safety, and wellness programs have traditionally existed in silos and largely operated independently. This lack of integration prevents optimal resource use and limits the overall effectiveness of occupational health and safety programs. Despite the recent recognition of the potential of integrated workplace health protection and promotion to reduce employee-related costs, few companies are implementing effective integrated worker health programs.

This program addresses the need to consolidate these distinct, siloed, occupational health and safety policies. Participants learn to integrate occupational health, safety, and wellness into a comprehensive program that enhances the overall health and wellbeing of the workforce and reduces work-related injuries and illnesses. This program will provide participants with the skills needed for:
• Evaluating worksite and worker health risks
• Translating occupational health and safety research into practice
• Measuring outcomes and evaluating health and safety programs, and
• Assessing the financial impact of workplace health programs

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