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The Center

Our Center is one of 10 Centers of Excellence funded by NIOSH to conduct research on the concepts of the Total Worker Health® approach. To expand the evidence supporting an integrated approach and to develop the resources to apply it, the Center targets four key areas:

Conducting groundbreaking research

The Center’s research projects and initiatives:

  • Study the effectiveness of workplace policies and practices designed to support and protect workers
  • Demonstrate how an integrated approach targeting working conditions improves outcomes for employees and organizations

Disseminating evidence-based practices

Drawing on decades of experience, the Center:

  • Creates best practices to simultaneously improve working conditions and optimize health and safety investments
  • Produces validated assessments and scorecards for a variety of industries to measure employee health, safety, and well-being 

Shaping workplace and public policy

To inform policy decisions affecting the workforce, the Center:

  • Explores policy changes that enhance worker health and safety while supporting productivity and engagement
  • Develops recommendations for organizational and social policy based on implications of our research findings

Building organizational capacity

To support organizations in adopting an integrated approach, the Center:

  • Trains professionals, presents at conferences, shares information through webinars, and mentors students and post-docs
  • Provides guidelines, tools, and resources for implementing practices and policies 

A collaborative effort

Our Center is a partnership that includes: