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Thriving from Work Questionnaire

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What is "Thriving from Work"?

Thriving from Work is the state of positive mental, physical, and social functioning in which workers' experiences of their working conditions enable them to thrive in their overall lives, contributing to their ability to achieve their full potential in their work, home, and community.

What are the Thriving from Work Questionnaires?

The Thriving from Work Questionnaires provide a comprehensive measure of work-related well-being. These rigorously validated questionnaires have produced reproducible results with respondents from a wide range of sectors, occupations, educational, and economic backgrounds.

  • Short-form (8 items representing each of the 6 domains)
  • Long-form (30 items across 6 domains)

What do these instruments measure?

The questionnaires measure the extent to which workers, worker groups, or organizations, are thriving.

  • The long-form can additionally provide greater insight into how workers are thriving across 6 domains of work-related well-being: psychological and emotional well-being; social well-being from work; basic needs for thriving; job design and experience of work; work-life integration; and physical and emotional well-being.
  • The short-form captures each dimension of the long-form and has utility in worker surveys where brevity is a consideration.

Why is measuring Thriving form Work important?

The measurement of well-being is essential for improving worker and population health. Well-being data can inform priority-setting, drive change in areas of needs, or identify best practices in places where people are thriving. Workforces with high reported well-being have also been found to be healthier, more engaged at work, more productive, and less likely to leave their job (Peters et al., 2021). The questionnaires have applications, across both research and practice, for guiding and assessing the consequences of workplace modifications and interventions, including those specifically designed to improve worker well-being.

What languages are the Thriving from Work Questionnaire available in?

Versions of the questionnaire have been translated and validated into Mexican and Peruvian Spanish and Haitian Creole. We are planning for more translations and studies validating the questionnaire in different geographic regions.

When using one or both forms of the Thriving Questionnaire, please use the following citations: 

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