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Integrated Approaches for Driver and Crew Health and Safety in a National Transportation Company (in collaboration with Mutual de Seguridad, CChC, Chile)

May 8, 2018 – May 8, 2021

Mutual de Seguridad, a Chilean company promoting safety and health at work and in the community, is funding this project. Our researchers joined with Mutual and a Chilean transportation company for a three-year project using integrated approaches to develop and pilot test an intervention for professional drivers.

Our team assessed relationships between specific conditions of work, and driver and crew safety and health. The team then co-developed and implemented an intervention that targeted working conditions identified as priorities by workers and management. 

The Center’s previous collaboration with Mutual has included Total Worker Health® training on the implementation of an integrated approach to worker safety, health, and well-being. As part of this partnership, Mutual translated the Center’s Implementing an Integrated Approach: Weaving Employee Health, Safety, and Well-Being into the Fabric of Your Organization into Spanish.1

1. McLellan D, Moore W, Nagler E, Sorensen G. Spanish translation of: Implementing an integrated approach:  Weaving worker health, safety, and well-being into the fabric of your organization [Implementando un enfoque integrado: Incorporando la salud, la seguridad y el bienestar de los trabajadores en el ensamble de su organización] (Trans. Mutual de Seguridad CChC). 2017.