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Practice & Policy

Practice implications of Center research

As one of 10 Centers of Excellence funded by NIOSH to conduct research on the concepts of the Total Worker Health® approach, our Center develops, disseminates, and evaluates the public health impact of best practices to improve the conditions of work and the safety of workers. By making these tools and resources freely available to organizations, professionals, and other researchers, the Center seeks to improve working conditions by supporting employee physical and mental health, safety, and well-being.

Our assessments show organizations how closely they align with TWH principles, while our field-tested Guidelines for Implementing an Integrated Approach walks them through the implementation. Tip sheets are another valued resource for employers, who use them to evaluate and continually improve efforts to enhance worker health, safety, and well-being.

Policy implications of Center research

The Center also brings together policy experts to explore the implications of our past and current research. These experts recommend changes to workplace and public policies that can improve worker health, safety, and well-being, benefitting employers and the nation’s economy.

Our Center’s Policy Working Group identifies, examines, and influences workplace and public policy issues related to the Center's research projects, based on a Total Worker Health® approach.

The Center also develops Policy Implication Summary Sheets, which highlight our research findings in non-academic language. Current summaries include: