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Achieving Latino Equity in Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry Education: Accelerating the Path Forward

Remediation efforts to rectify inequities in representation of underrepresented minorities (including those who identify as African American or Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Latino or Hispanic, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islanders) among health professionals should address the experiences and degree of disparity for each group. This manuscript aims to provide greater insight into Latino underrepresentation in medicine, nursing, and dentistry and to describe an approach for accelerating change in Latino underrepresentation in these three professions.


Study suggests leadership may be a valuable tool for reducing staff turnover

In a paper published in June 2023, Can Better Leadership Reduce Nursing Home Staff Turnover?, Dr. Jessica Williams and colleagues found that nursing homes with leadership that communicated and demonstrated commitment to worker safety, health, and well-being had relatively fewer nurses leave during the study period, with turnover rates approximately 10% lower than homes without.


Lessons From COVID-19 for Protecting Workers in the Next Pandemic

In this viewpoint piece "Lessons From COVID-19 for Protecting Workers in the Next Pandemic", David Michaels, Gregory Wagner, M.D., and Lillian Ryan address some of the missteps during the COVID19 pandemic to protect health care workers and how to use lessons from those mistakes for future pandemics.