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Toolbox Talks

Health and Safety Toolbox Talks

The commercial construction industry is a highly dynamic work environment with significant physical hazards. As a result, workers are more prone to injuries, including musculoskeletal disorders, and high-risk health behaviors, such as tobacco use. Both factors limit their productivity and ability to work. Programs to improve construction worker health, safety, and productivity often incorporate Toolbox Talks on relevant topics. These short facilitated interactive discussions provide opportunities for learning and also for workers to share their experiences and suggestions.

The Center for Work, Health, & Well-being developed a series of Toolbox Talks as part of the All the Right Moves (ARM) Program. These Toolbox Talks fall into three categories: Respiratory Health, Safety Climate, and Work Life – three areas our research has shown are of significant importance in the Construction Industry.

Respiratory Health

Dual Threat to Your Health
Silica Dust

Safety Climate

Influence Safety Attitudes
Successful Communication
Opioids in Construction
Narcan and Overdose Awareness
Tobacco Cessation
Soft Tissue Injury Prevention
Energy Balance

Work Life

Managing Shift Work
Managing Pain at Work
Stress Management