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Construction workers working while in pain

Researchers at the Harvard Center for Work, Health and Well-Being have published findings from a pilot study looking at how construction workers report their joint and muscle pain experience during their work and leisure-time activities. They found that approximately 65% of workers reported that in the 7 days prior to taking the study survey, their musculoskeletal pain interfered with their work from “a little bit” to “quite a lot.” Focus group data suggested that workers not only engage in either moderate or vigorous leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) despite musculoskeletal pain, but workers in pain engage in more LTPA than construction workers without pain.

Construction workers working in musculoskeletal pain and engaging in leisure-time physical activity: Findings from a mixed-methods pilot study.
Caban-Martinez AJ, Lowe KA, Herrick R, Kenwood C, Gagne JJ, Becker JF, Schneider SP, Dennerlein JT and Sorensen G.
American Journal of Industrial Medicine (In Press).